Why Choose Me?

Why choose me?

I think I am an obvious choice because I am an introvert, I get what being an introvert in business is all about, AND I run a successful consistent company.

As my student and client, I will support you in sharing your passions:


  • Because the world needs your talents.
  • Because I will believe in you.
  • Because it means that you can grow your business so that you are really honouring your purpose AND you get to create the joyful life of your dreams.


But, for you to choose me means that you have to know me, trust me and like what I am about.

So we need to get to know each other a bit more.

“Lucinda” means light. I believe that one of my gifts is to shine the light into the darkness to support my clients in seeing the possibilities that I see, and to bring out the positives in all situations. There is always a golden lining.

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