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Do you find yourself reflecting on life’s journey wondering where the years have gone?


Are you in or entering your “twilight years”?


Do you have a loved one who is at this stage and you need support and guidance?

I offer Later Life Coaching and Consulting to older people or their loved ones.

My approach is rooted in empathy, understanding, and respect for your unique journey.

I understand how precious older people are and that we need to do all we can to support them to be comfortable, and live out their lives with dignity and grace.

I’ve been with my own parents throughout this stage of life, and have been their primary support as they move into their late 90s.

How Can I Support You?

Through either a coaching series or one-off consulting sessions, we’ll work together to explore your needs, desires, and preferences for a comfortable and fulfilling life in your later years – or securing this for your older loved one. 

While I do not provide legal advice, I can offer support in navigating various aspects of later life, including –

  • Managing reducing independence
  • Caring for your elderly loved one
  • Coping with Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and other changes
  • Advocating for the elderly
  • Putting things in place and organising your affairs (or doing this for your older loved one)
  • Communicating effectively with aged care staff
  • Exploring options available at this stage of life
  • Planning for end-of-life services
  • Directing you to relevant services 

If local, I can also be present to offer Sound Healing in person to support you (or your older loved one) to journey to the end of life in comfort.

Are you ready to take the first step towards greater peace and comfort in your twilight years? 

Book a Discovery Call today and let’s explore how I can support you on this journey. 

Because no matter where you are in life, you deserve to live with dignity, comfort, and grace.


Coaching Series

6x sessions

Sessions are 60-minutes long

We meet every 2nd week

Sessions are online


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1x session

Session is 60-minutes long

We meet once and I offer 2 weeks of email support

Sessions are online


Sound Healing Series

6x sessions

Sessions are 75-90 minutes long

We meet every 2nd week

Sessions are online


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Sound Healing Session

1x sessions

Sessions are 75-90 minutes long

We meet once

Sessions are online/in person


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All prices are in Australian dollars. 

Payment plans are available. 

Scholarships are also available to those who are financially struggling.

Together, let’s navigate the twilight years with
compassion, understanding, and respect.

Embrace the twilight years with grace,

knowing that each moment is filled with the warmth of your journey

and the comfort of cherished memories,

guiding you towards a place of peace and contentment.

twilight years...