Uplevel Your Wellbeing and Deepen Your Inner Calm

Welcome! 😊

I’m thrilled that you’ve found your way here because it means you’re ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and disconnected from your inner self? 

Do you feel bogged down in daily activities, struggling to keep your head above water?

Are you ready to create more wellbeing (mind, body, soul) in your life?

Do you feel like you’re ready to create amazing changes in your world (and possibly even the world) and need a little help to create your deeper connection and inner knowing?

We’ve all been there

Wrestling with the chaos of daily life and

Yearning for a deeper sense of peace and purpose.

But here’s the good news –

You don’t have to navigate this path alone.

I understand your desire to elevate your overall wellbeing and cultivate a profound sense of inner peace.

I’ve carefully crafted a range of offerings designed to help you reclaim your tranquillity and empower your journey towards inner harmony.

🌟 And, there’s something even more extraordinary in store for you! 

zen garden Lucinda Curran, Empowerment Mentor

Meet Your Guide

I’m Lucinda Curran, a Sound Healing Practitioner and Empowerment Mentor supporting changemakers to bring in the change they foresee.

Creating peace within allows you to connect deeply with your inner knowing, which means that you can take action that is aligned with your values and where you are at.

Lucinda Curran, Empowerment Mentor

Introducing My Exclusive Memberships

Do you find yourself craving more guidance, support, and a community of like-minded individuals to share your transformational journey?

If you’re eager to dive deeper into your personal growth journey and gain access to a treasure trove of transformative resources, then our VIP Memberships are tailor-made for you.

VIP membership _ Lucinda Curran, Empowerment Mentor

🔹 VIP Membership 🔹

  • Enjoy extended access to enlightening Summit interviews 
  • Unlock the Change Your Life 15-day challenge
  • Delve into my Inner Journeys (one for each season), and
  • Get complimentary access to upcoming challenges.

This membership is a gateway to personal growth like you’ve never experienced.

Inner Circle Membership _ Lucinda Curran, Empowerment Mentor

🔹 Inner Circle Membership 🔹

Take your transformation to the next level with everything in the VIP Membership, plus exclusive perks like:

  • 2x 1:1 calls with me to help you make the most out of your membership and get ahead
  • 2x live Soundscapes every month to soothe your soul
  • Unrestricted access to the Earth Mother Library (with over 1700 minutes of audio)
  • Enrolment in the Chakra Series course
  • Sleep Well Sound Healing Pack, and
  • Complimentary access to all my life-enriching retreats.

It’s the ultimate path to holistic wellbeing.

Don’t Miss the Exclusive Pre-Launch Price

For a limited time, I’m offering these Memberships at an unbeatable pre-launch price, available only until 12 January.

🌟 VIP Membership 🌟 

For just $69 (AUD) per year, you can embark on a journey of transformation and growth.

Note: this is the pre-launch price. There’s a price increase when we launch.

🌟 Inner Circle Membership 🌟 

For only $89 (AUD) per year, you’ll have access to a world of extraordinary benefits that will truly enrich your life.

Yes, you read that right!

For a mere $20 more, you gain access to incredible personal growth tools.

Note: this is the pre-launch price. There’s a price increase when we launch.

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Not sure which Membership is right for you?

I understand that choosing the right path for your transformation is a big decision.

Let’s take a closer look:

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What Am I Getting?

Ongoing Summit Access _ Lucinda Curran, Empowerment Mentor

Ongoing access to Summit interviews


Unlock a treasure trove of wisdom with exclusive access to Summit interviews, not typically available.

Highlights include:

  • Dive into enlightening conversations and revisit your favourite interviews
  • Expect an ever-growing library with two Summits hosted per year
  • Get instant access to the Inspiring Change Summit held in June 2023, featuring incredible interviews and our magical Q&A Panel

Available immediately.

Summer & Winter _ Lucinda Curran, Empowerment Mentor

Summer + Winter Inner Journeys

(Value: $27 each)

My Summer and Winter Inner Journeys are your gateway to seasonal alignment.

Choose the one most relevant to your location and current season.

These 21-day courses offer:

  • Teachings every 3rd day for a harmonious integration process
  • A comprehensive Journal with daily prompts to enrich your inner journey
  • Bonus weekly Soundscapes crafted to elevate your exploration

Available from 30 January 2024.

Challenges _ Lucinda Curran, Empowerment Mentor


(Value: $27-147 each) 

Discover the power of Challenges as a profound tool for personal growth. 

In the new year, expect: 

  • At least one Challenge per quarter, chosen to cater to our members’ evolving needs
  • Dive deep into topics and areas of growth that resonate with you
  • Revisit the Challenge library at your own pace

Next available from 17 March 2024.

Change Your Life 15-day Challenge _ Lucinda Curran, Empowerment Mentor

Change Your Life 15-day Challenge

(Value: $27)

Imagine kickstarting your personal transformation with our “Change Your Life 15-day Challenge.” This transformative journey, inspired by my book’s 10th-anniversary celebration, is your path to creating lasting change. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A 15-day challenge spread over 3 weeks, designed to help you establish a daily self-care routine
  • Each of the 15 meditation-affirmations is accompanied by soothing sound healing to deepen your meditative experience and cultivate inner peace
  • On-demand access means you can revisit and relive these transformative moments anytime you wish

Available from 17 March 2024.

Spring + Autumn_Fall Inner Journeys _ Lucinda Curran, Empowerment Mentor

Spring + Autumn Inner Journeys

(Value: $104) 

Explore the enchanting energy of the seasons with our immersive 21-day courses, available for both the Spring and Autumn seasons.

You choose which one you do depending on which hemisphere you’re in.

Dive into the magic of these courses:

  • Every 3rd day, receive enriching teachings that allow you ample time for reflection and integration
  • Complement your journey with a thoughtfully designed Journal featuring daily prompts for deeper self-exploration
  • Elevate your experience with a bonus weekly Soundscape, perfectly synchronised to enhance your inner exploration

Available from 13 April 2024.

Inner Circle Members Only

For our Inner Circle members, your journey becomes even more special. Here’s what’s exclusive to you:

Earth Mother Library _ Lucinda Curran, Empowerment Mentor

Earth Mother Library

(Value: $147 per year)

Access a treasure trove of transformative content with our Earth Mother Library:

This Library includes:

  • Over 1700 minutes of on-demand sound healing tracks, meditations, and more, available to suit your needs at any moment
  • Enjoy the continuous infusion of fresh content with two new tracks every month
  • Your input as a VIP Inner Circle Member will help shape our future offerings

Available NOW.

Getting to Know You Call _ Lucinda Curran, Empowerment Mentor

2x Calls with Lucinda

(Value: $394)

I love getting to know my community! 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Enjoy 2x private 30-minute calls with me each year of your membership
  • This call is a chance for us to connect, discuss your progress, and set the right direction for your journey
  • This call is about YOU – what you want, where you are at, and your next steps

Available NOW.

Live Soundscapes_ Lucinda Curran, Empowerment Mentor

Live Soundscapes

(Value: $720/year)

Soundscapes are like an audio landscape – they are deeply relaxing and are a useful tool to propel you towards your goals.

Details about the Live Soundscapes:

  • Immerse yourself in the beauty of live Soundscapes with two 30-minute sessions per month
  • These sessions are designed to reset your nervous system and envelop you in profound inner peace and tranquillity
  • Attend online from anywhere, and even if you miss them live, recordings will be available for your convenience

Starting from 10 February 2024.

Chakra Series Course _ Lucinda Curran, Empowerment Mentor

Chakra Series course

(Value: $197)

This course delves deeply into the main Chakras and includes a sound healing experience to harmonise the energy of each Chakra. When I’ve run this before, it has had rave reviews.

The Chakra Series includes:

  • Participate in a live first round, allowing you to co-create the experience with me
  • Learn skills and strategies to harmonise your Chakras for lasting wellbeing
  • Access session recordings at your convenience

Available from 17 May 2024.

Sleep Well Pack Lucinda Curran, Empowerment Mentor

Sleep Well Sound Healing Pack 

(Value: $27)

This pack has been designed for people who struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling sluggish.

What you get:

  • Sleep Well Guide
  • Improving Your Sleep Sound Healing Track (25 mins)
  • Ease Into Sleep Sound Healing Track (60 mins)

Available from 27 January 2024.

Ready to embark on this life-transforming journey?

Join today and elevate your wellbeing to new heights.

Your transformation begins now.

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Kind Words…

Lucinda, thank you for the incredible sound healing session!! I felt so peaceful and calm and warm and safe and relaxed during the session with you and the following days and weeks since have felt more grounded and centred and supported.


Mother, Singer Songwriter, Clinical Pastoral Carer

Sound, vibration and healing. Today the session helped me to focus on the intention, move to another state of consciousness and release pain that was trapped in my body…. Thank you, Lucinda you are always amazing in everything you do.

Lynette Norton

Lucinda is a highly skilled and caring practitioner. The sound healing sessions with her were a true delight. They were relaxing and releasing, affirming and strengthening, and most insightful… exactly what I needed to support me through a major life transition. I would highly recommend Lucinda’s sound-healing sessions to others so they too can benefit.

Jacqui Bohuslav-Andrews

Lucinda is beautiful soul who shows passion (compassion) love and interest in the world of her clients. Lucinda was able to take me out of myself and provide a gentle relaxing atmosphere – her voice both while speaking and in song is soothing. This was an enriching experience achieved via the internet (something I may have not been originally convinced was possible). Lucinda handled the sound levels and instruments beautifully.

Jennie C

I highly recommend that you try doing a sound healing session. The session is a relaxing place just to be in and the sounds from every instrument are very lovely. After each session, I always feel refreshed and ready to tackle my day. It has helped me become more self-aware. And it has greatly affected me on a spiritual, mental, physical and emotional level. I really look forward to doing more sound healing sessions. 🙂


Lucinda is a talented practitioner with an ability to intuitively connect with me and to bring me to a deeply relaxed and rejuvenating inner space. She is genuine and gentle in her approach and I fully entrust myself in her capable hands. I leave every session with new insights, a lightness in my body and a joy in my heart.

Nina Hakamies

Sound Healing Practitioner

The sound healing journey offered by Lucinda is a truly unique, uplifting and enriching experience that gently touches on the unconscious. Lucinda creates a safe and nurturing space and utilises a wide variety of wonderful instruments to make this experience memorable.

Anne Hymer

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