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Dear One,

Welcome to a realm where values are not mere words, but vibrant brushstrokes painting the canvas of our existence. Here, I extend my hand to share the hues that have shaped my journey, the mosaic of beliefs that guide me, and the dance of experiences that have woven the tapestry of my soul.

A Symphony of Uniqueness

I’ve danced to the rhythm of my own song, an empathic introvert, a sensitive observer who perceives the world through kaleidoscopic lenses. 

A “bitsa” of diverse heritage, my lineage spans continents – the Middle East, Moldova, Poland’s northern whispers, the UK’s gentle touch, and Australia’s southern warmth. 

This mosaic enriches my sense of belonging, a reminder that threads of connection unite us all.

Diversity is our Symphony

Within this tapestry, I’ve found my anthem in diversity. 

The vibrant interplay of cultures, viewpoints, and experiences ignites my passion. 

I don’t gaze at the vessel; I peer into the heart, where potential blooms like a hidden gem. 

The soul, intentions, and actions become my compass, urging me to connect, to celebrate uniqueness, and to cherish every stride along our shared path.

The Odyssey of the Outsider

A whisper of not quite fitting, a sense of “one size never truly fits all.” 

An odyssey of carving my path, embracing unconventional careers, a quiet rebellion against the expected. 

This is my tribute to authenticity, to honouring the rhythms of my heart and the wisdom of my inner knowing.

Trust the Inner Oracle

Early on, I embraced the oracle within. 

Life, a tapestry of moments woven with the thread of my best efforts. 

Even in imperfection, there’s grace, a beacon that I embraced thanks to my steadfast guides – my parents. 

They gifted me the wings to voice my beliefs, make choices, and brave uncharted waters.

The Lighthouse of Inner Knowing

A beacon shines within us all – an inner knowing, a compass in the tempest of modernity. 

Amid the cacophony, we often lose sight of this guiding light. 

Yet, skills can be relearned, and practice is progress. 

I yearn to reconnect you with your guiding star, to help you steer your ship through life’s currents.

Seeds Sown in Youth

The roots of my values trace back to my youth, where a fervent desire to take action in the world bloomed. 

Even in primary school, I wielded my voice like a sword, championing the voiceless, petitioning governments for change. 

As an early childhood teacher, my teachings took shape – the guardianship of our planet, the kinship with all creatures, boundless potential, and the sovereignty to craft our beliefs.

My whole life, I’ve celebrated differences and similarities, knowing that everyone should have equal rights and equal access to everything.

Nature’s Embrace

Nature, my sanctuary, where I bask in the embrace of Earth’s rhythm. 

An affinity for creatures of feather and fur, a passion woven into my DNA. 

One day, I will become a wildlife carer, where I tend to creatures in need. In the meantime, I donate to Wildlife Victoria and Bush Heritage Australia.

Illuminating the Path for Others

Yet, I also remember the shadows of financial struggle, the mosaic of adversity that painted my path. 

It birthed the Earth Mother Sound Healing Scholarship Fund, an offering of hope to those echoing my journey. 

If its call resonates, the door is open.

Harmony and Unity

In all I do, I pledge to honour, to respect, to radiate love. It’s a melody I carry, woven into my existence. 

The dance of values, the mosaic of experiences – it’s my commitment to a world where love and acceptance illuminate each step, embracing the vibrant symphony of life.

The tapestry of your existence is woven with threads of resilience, love, and the power to create change.

With love, light and the deepest respect,

Lucinda Curran
Empowerment Mentor