Our values shape who we are, how we behave, the ways in which we interact with the world, perceive information, and more!

And so I want to share mine with you.


This value emphasises the importance of self-determination and supporting individuals in exercising their autonomy. It reflects a commitment to fostering independence, agency, and confidence in others.


This value recognises the transformative power of joy in inspiring hope, fostering vision, and nurturing happiness. It highlights the importance of embracing playfulness and finding joy in life’s moments, even amidst challenges.


This value encompasses qualities such as truth, communication, and emboldenment. It underscores the importance of speaking truthfully, communicating authentically, and taking bold action in pursuit of one’s values and aspirations.

Lucinda Curran...hb
values empowerment, joy, courage...

Like seeds in a garden,

empowerment nurtures the soil of self-determination,

joy blossoms into the vibrant colors of happiness and hope,

while courage becomes the sturdy stalk that supports us as we reach towards the sun of possibility.