Who We Are And What We Do

Eco Health Solutions Pty Ltd (trading as Lucinda Curran) is an Australian company that is set up to provide Integral Sound Healing and Life Coaching.

We offer:

  • Life Coaching series
  • Consulting (one-off)
  • Sound Healing series
  • Sound Healing (one-off)
  • SoundScapes (group sessions utilising healing sounds)
  • Radiant Harmony Program (hybrid program including Sound Healing and Life Coaching)

We provide consistent and high-quality support and services at all levels.

Our founder, director and principal coach and practitioner is Lucinda Curran.

Who Accesses Our Services

People who are over 45 years old who are seeking support in their lives. They may be navigating life changes/challenges, reevaluating where they are at, or ready to fully embrace who they are.

All of our services are offered online, and our clientele comes from all over the world.

Hours of Operation

We are open Tuesday-Friday 9.30am – 5.30pm 

Contact Details

Web:            www.LucindaCurran.com

Email:         Please complete our Contact Form here

Our Customer Service Principles

Quality Of Service

Our staff are fully qualified, experienced and professional.

Their training is current and their skills are kept up to date through continuing professional development.

Excellence is our norm. The quality of our services are second to none.

We will tailor our services to suit your needs.

We will provide you with excellent customer service at all steps of the process.


Not only do we have systems in place, we also have a comprehensive Confidentiality Policy.

We understand that you may be sharing sensitive information with us, and we will keep it safe.

All of your information will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Act, 1988.


We are open and honest in all that we do, and thus transparency is a natural part of the company.


Our interactions with you will be friendly, yet professional at all times.

We want you to relax into the process and trust that you are dealing with professionals with high standards.


All clients are treated with respect, care and integrity.

We don’t treat everyone in exactly the same way because everyone is different. Thus we adjust our services to meet you.

Inclusivity is important to what we do and how we work. See our Inclusion Journey Statement here.

To Allow Us To Help, We Expect You Will:

  • Provide timely and accurate information
  • Be respectful
  • If there are any problems, that you bring them to our attention immediately so we can resolve them
  • Provide honest and constructive feedback
  • Behave with integrity with my team and in our communities