Client Love

Life Coaching

Lucinda is an incredible coach and sound healer.

She holds the space for people to go deeply and share what they need to share so they can move forward in their journey.

She comes with such a deep breadth of knowledge and experience to help you expand and reach your goals.

With her sound healing expertise, her process is so much more than life coaching.

She helps you transform with sound, guided imagery, meditation and more.

It has been my honour to have had her as a coach to help me on my journey.

It’s been a true gift.

Cynthia Brace

Whole Health & Lifestyle Coach

Lucinda’s coaching is authentic, encouraging, caring, patient and empathetic. During the 12 weeks, my goals were meaningful, tangible and through regular check ins with Lucinda, I was able to focus on actions that supported challenges and obstacles that arose and nourished my daily life.

In combination with the coaching series, Lucinda’s sound healing sessions enabled me to focus on the purpose and intent of each goal. Through the instrumental and vocal sounds, vibrations and healing I was able to acknowledge and release resistance and feel grounded and connected with the importance and value of each goal.

By the end of Lucinda’s coaching series, the work and effort I applied to the goals and Lucinda cheering me on, the intention and purpose of the goals became realised and incorporated into my life with depth and meaning.

Clare Woods


Working with Lucinda as my life coach I have been witnessed and held accountable for some deep work and changes that I have been able to make in my life.

She held space for me to work through and process, schedule and act clearly on tasks that would have been completely overwhelming without her support.

She is really kind and has a beautiful way of celebrating and cheering you on whilst still allowing you to dig deep and be empowered.

Lucinda uses her intuition and has a very gentle but strong energy and asks the tough questions.

I am very grateful for the time we worked together and feel I am more complete and grounded because of this experience and support. Deeply grateful. 🙏🏼

Anne Harris

Life Coach & Artist

Before working with Lucinda, some of my personal goals were at a standstill due to the many other demands in life which were taking priority.

Lucinda helped me to really clarify what these goals meant to me, what I was really wanting for myself and why.

With this new found clarity in mind (and in heart!), and through various strategies provided by Lucinda, I was able to harness my own motivation to take action.

At no point did I ever feel judged by Lucinda for my past inactions. Instead, Lucinda provided a safe, supportive and flexible working space.

This, alongside some very practical suggestions and encouragement, helped me to achieve my goals.

hank you, Lucinda, I am very grateful for the opportunity to have been supported in this way. I would definitely recommend Lucinda’s wise guidance.

Jenny Bravun

Business Owner

Through Lucinda’s sound healing, coaching and facilitating group sessions, I am already feeling incredible emotional, mental and physical shifts and cleansing with challenges, obstacles and outmoded beliefs.

Most days now, I feel incredibly lighter, centred and grounded in my body. 

The Sound Healing session feels profound in the way sounds of the instruments, voice and silence move within and awaken active visualisations, tension points and energy blockages held in the mind, body, soul, spirit and chakras.

The healing experience is gentle, nurturing and safe in that memories, attachments, toxicities release when ready from wherever they are held.

Each time I feel restored and renewed and feel incredible gratitude for Lucinda.


Sound Healing

The sound healing journey offered by Lucinda is a truly unique, uplifting and enriching experience that gently touches on the unconscious. Lucinda creates a safe and nurturing space and utilises a wide variety of wonderful instruments to make this experience memorable.

Anne Hymer

Lucinda is beautiful soul who shows passion (compassion) love and interest in the world of her clients.

Lucinda was able to take me out of myself and provide a gentle relaxing atmosphere – her voice both while speaking and in song is soothing.

This was an enriching experience achieved via the internet (something I may have not been originally convinced was possible).

Lucinda handled the sound levels and instruments beautifully.

Jennie C

What a blessing this session was last week!!!

THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER for being gracious enough to extend this treatment to me.

I really appreciated it and have felt it’s wonderful effects ever since for sure!

I LOOOOOOOVED the divine intervention that God orchestrated in your choosing the word “Maranatha” and have used that again and again in the last week as a motivator and encouragement (as well as my intention – soooooo good!!!)!!!


I was blessed to have a session in sound healing with Lucinda as she was completing her practitioner training. 

All I can say is WOW! If she is that good as a student, she will blow your socks off once graduated. 

I left our session, refreshed, balanced and my body pain was nil. I felt safe and supported.

I was able to speak with no worries about being judged.

I felt like I had been reconnected back into ancient wisdom which will support me to welcome in more abundance and joy and serve at a greater level.

Trudi Pavlovsky

I would recommend anyone giving sound healing meditations a try.

Sometimes you never know if something will help until you try it for yourself, and being guided through the process using sound healing techniques is a gentle yet powerful way to release redundant old thought patterns that can block us from moving forward in life with ease.


I really enjoyed the atmosphere Lucinda created in setting up the session, the variation in beautiful sounds, the singing voice and the deep relaxation it created.

I felt safe and sound.


Lucinda is a highly skilled and caring practitioner.

The sound healing sessions with her were a true delight.

They were relaxing and releasing, affirming and strengthening, and most insightful… exactly what I needed to support me through a major life transition.

I would highly recommend Lucinda’s sound-healing sessions to others so they too can benefit.

Jacqui Bohuslav-Andrews

I was happy to help Lucinda with her studies. Despite the time difference we found a time when we were both awake.

Arranging the session was easy and I arranged a quiet space in the house. It was good to have a definite time to hold the session as life is very busy and being disciplined enough to make the time is often difficult.

I found the session relaxing as it allowed me to clear my head of clutter thoughts and let me concentrate on the issues I was having that were causing me stress.

After the session I was more able to structure my day to become more effective and less stressful.


Lucinda’s sound healing sessions were a delight to receive.

They supported me to surrender, realign and recharge my depleted energy systems whilst I was undergoing a challenging time in my life.

Thank you, Lucinda.


The session was set up to feel very safe and contained so I knew what to expect.

I liked that it reached me on a deeper level and it was very relaxing.


I wanted to take part to see if it could improve my mental state as life was quite stressful at that time. The session was very helpful giving me time to relax, unwind and to destress.

After my session I found that I was better able to focus using some of the tips given, which I now use daily.

I suffer from misophonia and find it difficult to listen to some sounds. Lucinda adapted my session so no sounds were uncomfortable.


The Sound Healing sessions have been a deeply relaxing experience.

It is wonderful to hear all the different sounds from various instruments and to notice how my body and mind reacted to each.

The tuning fork was my favourite as it seemed to almost instantly quieten my mind and take me down to a different level.

Lucinda’s gentle chanting was sublime, helping to further take me to a safe and calm space.

I would highly recommend Lucinda’s Sound Healing session for deep relaxation and insights into the self.


reviews and kind words

I met Lucinda in early 2020 and was fortunate to embark on a sound healing journey with her. We have shared many moments together, first as sound healing students, then as fully certified practitioners.

We have connected both face-to-face and online, exchanging and expanding our love for sound healing with each other and many other people.

I have received both one-on-one and group sessions from Lucinda and have been amazed by her natural gift for it. Lucinda is a talented practitioner with an ability to intuitively connect with me and to bring me to a deeply relaxed and rejuvenating inner space.

She is genuine and gentle in her approach and I fully entrust myself in her capable hands. I leave every session with new insights, a lightness in my body and a joy in my heart.

I thoroughly enjoy receiving sound healing from Lucinda and warmly recommend her to anyone who would like to discover this wonderful modality.

Nina Hakamies

Sound Healing Practitioner

I am fortunate to be participating in Lucinda’s The Changing Times Roadmap program.

Through Lucinda’s sound healing, coaching and facilitating campfire sessions, I am already feeling incredible emotional, mental and physical shifts and cleansing with challenges, obstacles and outmoded beliefs.

Most days now, I feel incredibly lighter, centred and grounded in my body.

The Sound Healing session feels profound in the way sounds of the instruments, voice and silence move within and awaken active visualisations, tension points and energy blockages held in the mind, body, soul, spirit and chakras.

The healing experience is gentle, nurturing and safe in that memories, attachments, toxicities release when ready from wherever they are held.

Each time I feel restored and renewed and feel incredible gratitude for Lucinda’s Sound Healing and The Changing Times Roadmap program.


I felt that I was in such a safe and nurtured space that was provided by Lucinda.

This allowed me to receive the sound healing and feel the energy being shared. This was very special.

I loved the various use of instruments, and when Lucinda started chanting, my whole state changed. It felt so loving and nurturing, like being sung a lullaby when a child. I felt really at peace.

The warmth that was felt within the session and the nurturing feeling was quite special.

Thank you, Lucinda, for holding space for me this morning.

The session flowed beautifully and was a delight to receive.


Sound, vibration and healing.

Today the session helped me to focus on the intention, move to another state of consciousness and release pain that was trapped in my body.

I love the beach and going there was my safe place, in which I could listen and experience energy that enabled me to move to a better place.

Thank you, Lucinda you are always amazing in everything you do.

 Lynette Norton

I loved the way Lucinda was easy to talk to and gentle in her approach.

The sound that she created both with her instruments and voice took me off somewhere and immersed me into a safe place.

The mantras that she used were both lovely, reassuring and as I found out in our final discussion relevant to my intention.

I definitely would like to have more sessions with Lucinda. I truly loved it.


If you have an hour to spare, I highly recommend that you try doing a sound healing session.

The session is a relaxing place just to be in and the sounds from every instrument are very lovely.

After each session, I always feel refreshed and ready to tackle my day.

It has helped me become more self-aware.

And it has greatly affected me on a spiritual, mental, physical and emotional level.

I really look forward to doing more sound healing sessions. 🙂


Having been able to join Lucinda on a handful of sound experiences (journeys) I feel so blessed to be able to drop in for the sound bath sessions on a Friday afternoon … for me what better way to release the tensions that can so often build during the week and serenely drifting off to a calm peaceful space.

I always leave these sessions feeling renewed and refreshed… ready to “start again” as it were.

And in line with my own personal rituals an important part of becoming a better version of myself.

 Jennie Culic

The Changing Times Roadmap helps me see the wisdom in the direction I am going.


I was in a phase of overcoming a few blocks that were stopping me from achieving my goals.

Part of what I felt I needed to do in order to release the blocks was committing to my self-care around health issues and making time for myself to do the healing work I needed to regain clarity and focus.

The short sessions each week and keeping a journal were really good for keeping track of the growth that, had I not have written down, would be a moment of rapid healing easily forgotten about.

You can only know if sound healing is something that might work for you by giving it a go. And Lucinda offering a 4-week Inner Journey at the extremely low price makes it affordable to everyone.


Lucinda, thank you for the incredible sound healing session!!

I felt so peaceful and calm and warm and safe and relaxed during the session with you and the following days and weeks since have felt more grounded and centred and supported.

I loved the Mantra you gave me to recite/chant and have been using that to affirm the beautiful high vibrational forces that were abundant in the session.

Looking forward to coming along for regular sessions in the future!

Thank you! Namaste!

Caddy (Mother, Singer Songwriter, Clinical Pastoral Carer)

I can honestly say I have experienced significant shifts since embarking on Sound Healing Sessions with Lucinda.

For me it is an experiential healing difficult to explain from my mind, but I will try.

Swirling Power the Raven is cawing, mother nurturing cocoon bathed in beautiful sounds returning to my presence, BEING here now.

Learned conditioned patterns absorbed by the collective unconscious dissolving & power awakening within me & as the baby bird I feel very safe with the Sound Maker who is Lucinda 🙏❤️THANK YOU

Sally Lawrence

My sound healing session with Lucinda was pure magic!

It was gentle, revealing, & encouraging.

The way Lucinda used creative methods + tools to produce sound AND used the in between spaces for silence to guide our time together was exquisitely simplistic + absolutely wonderful.

It left me feeling both calmed & energised all at once.

In addition, her way of drawing out my intention at the beginning enabled me to enjoy the entire process with a clear direction yet not feeling forced at all.

I am so happy to have experienced this safe container with Lucinda and can’t wait to try it again!

Kyle Moss, Joyful Mindset Coach

Lucinda’s Earth Mother Sound Healing Chakra Series is an invitation into soul and the sacredness of everyday living.

Lucinda creates a respectful, gentle, encouraging and healing space that facilitates an environment to learn and enter within each Chakra at one’s own pace. It was interesting to learn about the function and attunement of each chakra and simple practices that can be done to centre and realign the chakras when out of balance.

Through the meditation and sound healing I entered a deeper space of relaxation that enabled me to open to images, feelings, guidance, and insights. As the sounds vibrated through me, I felt physical tensions and emotional toxins release, negative thoughts dissolve and restore my sense of wellbeing in my body.

The final session in the series was an alignment and healing of all the chakras and I felt lighter, joyful, loved, and renewed in heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Thank you, Lucinda, for sharing and teaching the ancient healing of sound and voice and evoking one to discover these sounds and rhythms within ourselves and the heartbeat of the Cosmic Divine.

Clare Woods

Other Modalities

To anyone interested in improving their health or preventing potential future health issues…
I have been a member of Lucinda’s Detox Your Environment Group for the past 11 months.

During this time, Lucinda has helped me to make my home a much safer and healthier place.

She has also helped me solve problems I’ve been struggling with (some for many years).

As a result, my health has very noticeably improved, my quality of life has improved and I am a lot happier. I can’t thank Lucinda enough for her help.

Lucinda has many incredible qualities that make her the perfect person for her job.

She has a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience and she is extremely generous in sharing this with us. She is meticulous in ensuring that she provides correct information and will take time to double check or to find out anything she is unsure of.

Lucinda is an excellent teacher – she is able to present information in a way that even the most brain-fogged of us can absorb and she’s extremely patient.

She is always very supportive and understanding. She has a positive approach and is a joy to talk to.

I highly recommend Lucinda and her Detox Your Environment group to anyone who has any environmental sensitivities and to anyone interested in improving their health or preventing potential future health issues.

Jane B, Melbourne

I contacted Eco Health Solutions for a ‘Hidden Hazards Hotline’ call after I had purchased an EMF reader [from somewhere else] and discovered high EMF readings in my home.

Lucinda was so warm and welcoming and was extremely patient in helping me to understand some very mathematical information!

She was also very thorough in her questioning and going over all the points in my house which could be possible hazards including the construction of cell tower which was proposed 200m from my home (which I had no knowledge of?!)

I was deeply grateful for her expertise and her calm disposition over something I feel very anxious about (EMF exposure) and was pleasantly surprised that she was happy going overtime with our discussion 😀

Lucinda went to great lengths to support my follow up queries via email and was willing to help me with with some personal actions I decided to take after our phone call.

A truly refreshing experience and worth every cent for the peace of mind that I received from my session.

People like Lucinda give me faith in humanity, wonderful people living with love and light are out there, THANK YOU!

Carly Foo, Canberra

Lucinda always gives the best advice and her feedback and support is immeasurable in so many ways.


My IEHA was extremely thorough, beyond my expectations! The visit detected hidden mould, which I can now address.

It was very educational, and I learned how to better ventilate my home, plus tips in a number of other areas.

‘After sales service’ has been excellent. Lucinda is a very pleasant, courteous and caring person.

I’m so glad I chose Eco Health Solutions to test my home.

JM, Ashburton

Eco Health Solutions conducted a very thorough audit of my office, the building itself and the grounds. I had some idea of what might be going on but the assessment clearly identified the problem and offered on the spot solutions which myself and others in the building have noticed and appreciate.

If you are feeling unsettled in your own space but can’t quite put your finger on the problem then don’t hesitate to call Eco Health Solutions. You will love your reinvigorated, clean and healthy space.

Julie Grant, Fertility Coach, Blackburn North

Lucinda’s wealth of knowledge and capacity to present in a clarifying way have been a great help to me as I look to choosing a new home suitable for my health.

Jane, Sydney

We asked Lucinda to assess our home and give us pointers on how to make it the healthiest place possible for our young family. She not only did that in a very thorough manner but she also went above and beyond for our mould remediation insurance case.

Lucinda was an expert, an advisor and a rock for us. Today, we have a truly safe place we call home. Thank you Lucinda.

Marta, Melbourne

Lucinda’s ‘Healthy Home 5-Day Challenge’ was incredibly thought-provoking and highlighted environmental stressors in our home and the impacts on our health.

Since doing the challenge, we have turned off devices in our home after 7pm and whilst it was difficult at first, our sleep has improved and we feel lighter and freer in not being ‘plugged in’.

The 5-Day Challenge was the tip of the iceberg and I look forward to learning from Lucinda and delving deeper into environmental stressors.

Thank you Lucinda for being inclusive, caring, generous in sharing your knowledge and experience, offering practical strategies as well as encouraging us along the way with each daily challenge.

Clare W, Mornington Peninsula

I did Lucinda’s Looking for a New Place? Avoid the Pitfalls of the Uninhabitable course while I was house hunting for a mould-free healthy home. I found the course information extremely helpful in my quest.

I have been using Lucinda’s services for a few years now so I’ve learnt a bit from her along the way but this was next level. So many things I would have never thought of and now I have a comprehensive list of what to look out for, which can also be used for Airbnbs when traveling.

I ended up finding my dream home but there were a few concerns indicating dampness that I picked up by looking at the listing online, using the info from the course. I enlisted professionals to inspect the property with me and found out the issues are minor and can be remediated.

I feel so relieved to finally have somewhere safe and healthy to move after over a year of looking. I highly recommend the course, even if you think you are knowledgable on the topic!

Julia, Olinda

Lucinda has provided us with a wealth of knowledge through her courses and personal consultations.

With previous symptoms of mould exposure and now being conscious of environmental factors, we feel a lot more confident in finding a healthy home.

We are very grateful to Lucinda and her team for their guidance and support 🙏

Dan and Ash

From start to finish I am so impressed by Lucinda’s services. Our initial contact she was kind, concerned and saved us huge expenses. When she arrived for our IEHA my expectations were far exceeded. Lucinda was on time, diligent and extremely thorough with the assessment. In addition, she is one of the most compassionate people you will come across – we didn’t want her to leave!

I was blown away again when we received our comprehensive and accurate report. We now have a ton of valuable information to improve our environment that has been laid out in such a simplistic way. If you’re interested in how your environment is affecting your health then I would recommend Lucinda without hesitation. You will not be disappointed.

Belinda, ACT

Lucinda Curran is very knowledgeable and thorough and I know I can always rely on her expertise.

I would highly recommend Eco Health Solutions to anyone who cares about their health and environment.


Lucinda is fabulous. She is very professional and courteous.

She addressed all my concerns in a very professional way. Her solutions are also cost-effective.

Highly recommended and will definitely use her again when the need arises.

MR, Elsternwick

I have been having problems with mould in my home for some time and this has been causing me a number of health issues.

Lucinda came to our house to do an assessment and made some excellent recommendations for getting rid of the mould, including referring me to a mould remediator. Very happy with the service!

CP, Greensborough

What a pleasure to deal with you, fantastic personal service and care.

DT, Vic

My husband and I suspected our home environment was contributing to some of our family’s health issues.

We had an IEHA which provided us with the tools and knowledge to make significant improvements to areas of concern ranging from high EMF levels to the presence of mould.

Lucinda was extremely thorough and holistic and we have seen significant improvements as a result of this assessment and recommendations.

It was a pleasure working with Eco Health Solutions and we continue to recommend their services to anyone looking into building biology.

Kendall, Ascot Vale VIC

It has been a pleasure working with Lucinda to improve the safety and health of our entire home.

The IEHA offered clear and practical ways to immediately minimise our exposure to EMFs and save costs on electricity in the process. Even our two teenagers found the transition simple and effortless. We can’t thank you enough 😀

Sharon and Michael, Heatherton VIC

I found the Lucinda very professional and caring at the same time. It was a pleasure working with her.

The IEHA suggested some changes that will result to a healthier home for me to live in.

I highly recommend Eco Health Solutions if you want to get your home assessed.

Nushy, Vic

I’m not sure you will ever fully realise how much I appreciate your kindness and professional advice. I’m not sure I can express it in words.

So, as simple as this may seem, know that there is a lot of heart behind it when I say thank you, Lucinda, thank you.

A., Vic

The EMF Indoor Environmental Health Assessment performed by Eco Health Solutions for our apartment was very thorough and incredibly valuable to help me and my partner understand the level of EMF radiation that we were exposed to and the changes and solutions that we could implement to reduce the exposure.

Lucinda was also very helpful and patient in explaining all the details of the shielding options available, and we now have a concrete plan for improving the health of our home.

V., Qld

Lucinda Curran is very knowledgable and thorough and I know I can always rely on her expertise. I would highly recommend Eco Health Solutions to anyone who cares about their health and environment.

Nel, Yea

My Eco Health assessment has been very important for us. It really helped me to focus on the issue of electromagnetic radiation, which I know is so needed, but that can be forgotten in day to day life. The space here feels better already, and Lucinda is a very kind and compassionate individual. Thank you!

K. James, Canberra

I feel lucky to have found Eco Health Solutions. Lucinda was thorough, experienced, and well-prepared. After identifying our mould problem we were given practical steps to take to fix the issue, which were within our budget.

I would definitely recommend Eco Health Solutions to anyone wanting to check if their home is supporting their health (or making them sick!).

Kristin, Preston VIC

I cannot recommend Eco Health Solutions enough as an environmental home health assessment service. We had some suspected issues with our apartment and Lucinda assessed our belongings and wrote up an extremely detailed report leaving no question unanswered.

She was thorough, compassionate and was happy to answer any follow up questions if need be. I am grateful for the knowledge she has shared and look forward to implementing her suggestions in our new home. If anyone is in need of an environmental health assessment for their home look no further!

Laura Wheeler, Melbourne

I have just completed Lucinda’s “Looking For A New Place: Avoid The Pitfalls of the Uninhabitable” online course.

It was SO good! I haven’t been that excited about new information for a long time.

I have found myself in a home that has had so many issues needing remediation over the last 10 years, that I never want to go through this again.

Having done the course, I feel that I am so much better informed and so have less anxiety going forwards with future house decisions.

I really enjoyed learning from Lucinda, because her dedication and authenticity are up there with her knowledge. Thanks Lucinda!

A, Curl Curl

I contacted Lucinda due to health issues and wanted to minimise any possible contributing environmental toxins or factors.

I was so grateful that Lucinda was able to adapt her services to suit my budget. I found her to be knowledgeable, helpful, considerate and responsive. She made very practical suggestions and helped me to prioritise actions.

I would most definitely recommend Eco Health Solutions to families wanting to make their home a healthier one. What a pleasure to deal with you.

J., Mildura, VIC

I have used Lucinda’s services twice to date and I have been very impressed by her meticulous approach.

She saved me from relocating my workshop into a building with mould issues and very high radio frequencies. Lucinda has also been very generous with additional advice outside of the consultation.

I have dealt with other building biologists prior to enlisting Lucinda and I can tell you she is miles ahead of the rest. Her prices may seem comparatively high, but I can assure you, you get what you pay for and she actually ends up being more affordable in the end. I would not use anyone else.

Julia deVille, Collingwood VIC

I have been struggling to live in my home for the past twelve months. It is quite alarming, and very disturbing to be living with some ‘strange, unfamiliar and very invasive phenomena,’ notably impacting on my health and wellbeing.

Lucinda conducted a very thorough EMF Assessment. Accurate overnight data logging identified elevated electric fields. I feel grateful to Lucinda for providing recommendations that are fitting with the EMF problem, and are cost effective.

I experienced Lucinda’s professional skill and knowledge to be very credible.

Dianne, NSW

I was really impressed by Lucinda’s knowledge of building biology and the way seemingly innocent things affect our health.

I would recommend Eco Health Solutions to anyone who wants to achieve better health.

Megan Templeton, Brunswick

Lucinda is highly competent and thorough in her research of building biology. She can detect mould, EMR’s and EMF as well as quality of indoor air with lots of high tech testing equipment.

Lucinda has a great way of explaining her findings verbally and in her report. With her Chinese medicine background she has a holistic approach to health within the living surroundings.

I can highly recommend her and will use her services again in the near future.

Gerald, VIC

Lucinda is one of the few people I know who devotes her time to making the world a brighter, happier place.


Lucinda is not only knowledgeable but also compassionate. She goes above and beyond to help clients.

Lucinda assessed my residence and identified what had been causing my health problems. I relocated twice since that assessment, and she advised me throughout this time period.

I watched Lucinda’s “Looking for a New Place?” course, but I often encountered unexpected situations during inspections. She was always available to answer my questions so I could decide whether or not I should rent the property.

Lucinda has given me tailored advice for each residence where I lived.

No place is perfect in reality, and she taught me how to manage problems in terms of EMF, mould, and air quality.

I will keep seeking help from Lucinda because I trust her professional advice.

K., Australia