Client Love

Life Coaching

Working with Lucinda has been an incredible experience. She has been amazing in guiding me to rediscover myself.

The transformation I’ve undergone is remarkable. Not only am I much happier, but I’m also more positive and confident in who I am and what I want to achieve. I’ve regained my self-belief and am excited about exploring my passions and taking actionable steps towards fulfilling them in the next stage of my life.

Lucinda has been the perfect coach for me. She expertly guided me to do the work and I was able to achieve all of my goals. I love that she is always accepting of me and where I am with my issues. Thanks to her, I’ve not only rediscovered my values and passions but also started putting together a plan with concrete actions to achieve my next set of goals.

The experience has been amazing, transformative, and invaluable.

Linny Thom

Senior Project Officer

Lucinda is an incredible coach and sound healer.

She holds the space for people to go deeply and share what they need to share so they can move forward in their journey.

She comes with such a deep breadth of knowledge and experience to help you expand and reach your goals.

With her sound healing expertise, her process is so much more than life coaching.

She helps you transform with sound, guided imagery, meditation and more.

It has been my honour to have had her as a coach to help me on my journey.

It’s been a true gift.

Cynthia Brace

Whole Health & Lifestyle Coach

Lucinda’s coaching is authentic, encouraging, caring, patient and empathetic.

During the 12 weeks, my goals were meaningful, tangible and through regular check ins with Lucinda, I was able to focus on actions that supported challenges and obstacles that arose and nourished my daily life.

In combination with the coaching series, Lucinda’s sound healing sessions enabled me to focus on the purpose and intent of each goal. Through the instrumental and vocal sounds, vibrations and healing I was able to acknowledge and release resistance and feel grounded and connected with the importance and value of each goal.

By the end of Lucinda’s coaching series, the work and effort I applied to the goals and Lucinda cheering me on, the intention and purpose of the goals became realised and incorporated into my life with depth and meaning.

Clare Woods


Working with Lucinda as my life coach I have been witnessed and held accountable for some deep work and changes that I have been able to make in my life.

She held space for me to work through and process, schedule and act clearly on tasks that would have been completely overwhelming without her support.

She is really kind and has a beautiful way of celebrating and cheering you on whilst still allowing you to dig deep and be empowered.

Lucinda uses her intuition and has a very gentle but strong energy and asks the tough questions.

I am very grateful for the time we worked together and feel I am more complete and grounded because of this experience and support. Deeply grateful. 🙏🏼

Anne Harris

Life Coach & Artist

Through Lucinda’s sound healing, coaching and facilitating group sessions, I am already feeling incredible emotional, mental and physical shifts and cleansing with challenges, obstacles and outmoded beliefs.

Most days now, I feel incredibly lighter, centred and grounded in my body.

The Sound Healing session feels profound in the way sounds of the instruments, voice and silence move within and awaken active visualisations, tension points and energy blockages held in the mind, body, soul, spirit and chakras.

The healing experience is gentle, nurturing and safe in that memories, attachments, toxicities release when ready from wherever they are held.

Each time I feel restored and renewed and feel incredible gratitude for Lucinda.


Before working with Lucinda, some of my personal goals were at a standstill due to the many other demands in life which were taking priority.

Lucinda helped me to really clarify what these goals meant to me, what I was really wanting for myself and why.

With this new found clarity in mind (and in heart!), and through various strategies provided by Lucinda, I was able to harness my own motivation to take action.

At no point did I ever feel judged by Lucinda for my past inactions. Instead, Lucinda provided a safe, supportive and flexible working space.

This, alongside some very practical suggestions and encouragement, helped me to achieve my goals.

Thank you, Lucinda, I am very grateful for the opportunity to have been supported in this way. I would definitely recommend Lucinda’s wise guidance.

Jenny Bravun

Business Owner