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Frequently Asked Questions

Committing to a 3-month program is a big deal – it takes courage, trust and belief.

To make a big decision like this, it also means being fully informed – and that means having all of your questions answered. 

Please know that if I haven’t answered your questions here, you can reach out to me to ask!

What if I want to work with you for longer?

Generally, I offer 3-month programs – as this length of time is suitable for most goals that my clients want to achieve.

However, we can discuss a longer program based on what you would like to achieve.

Existing clients are always offered the opportunity to continue on as their series is coming to a close.

I’m in another part of the world – can this work?

Absolutely it can. I offer all of my services online.

The only tricky part could be time zones. Mostly, this can be figured out – however, please note that I have business hours of 9.30-5.30 on weekdays (Melbourne, Australia time).

Will you like me? Will I like you? Will you be easy to talk and open up to?

Our Discovery Call will give you an idea of how we gel together. 

I can guarantee that I will hold you in unconditional positive regard – meaning that I will treat you with warmth, respect, kindness and positivity.

Most people find it easy to talk to me. Being an introvert, I know that building a sense of trust and safety takes the time it does… and we will go at your pace. 

This is because in any work with me, you are steering the ship. That’s not to say that I won’t ask hard questions or encourage you to stretch. But all decisions throughout your series are your own to make.

What can you really do for me?

I can help you see what I do – you for you. Together I can help you tease away the outer layers to bring your true self forward to shine.

I will create a safe space for you to open up, to explore your inner world, to bring your hopes and dreams into a reality.

It’s worth noting, that ultimately, it is up to YOU as your individual self, to roll up your sleeves and “do the work.” A bit like buying a book and never reading it, or joining the gym and never going – it is up to you to take the steps.

I will be with you 100% throughout our time together.

Will this just be like counselling?

No – none of what I offer is like counselling.

Coaching is very different as we’re looking at the present and towards the future. We’re not delving into the past. As well, coaching is all about you having a vision and moving towards it. 

Sound Healing is a non-talk therapy. The sounds (and silences) can release stuck energy, old hurts, and other forms of energy. Sound Healing is future-focused.

However we work together, you will get to go on a journey of self-discovery, as this is where profound changes can happen.

Is it really worth my time and money?

I’d love to answer that with a resounding YES.

I know the power of each of my modalities and trust in the potency of them.

However, YOU get to decide if it is worth it for you. 

My questions to you are:

  • Do you really want to create change?
  • Would you like support in getting there?
  • When you pause and feel into it, does this feel like the best way forward for you?

I have specific needs – can they be met?

Very likely. 

Having always adapted what I do to meet my clients, I feel confident that I can do this for you, too. Please be sure to clearly communicate your needs so that there is no ambiguity.

Will you judge me if I get stuck or don’t do something?

Not at all. I understand that life happens, and sometimes things don’t go according to plan. However, if you repeatedly don’t take action, it is my role to discuss this with you – not in a judgemental way, but to figure out where the blocks are so we can move past them.

Got other questions?

All questions are welcome, so please reach out to me to ask.

Change is the melody of growth.

You are the composer

Of your transformative symphony.

Change is the melody of growth...