My Journey

As a multi passionate person who loves learning and understanding things from as many different vantages as possible, my journey has seen me follow a varied career path which has allowed me to gather skills and experiences to assist me in my work today.

My first career was as a teacher of children 0-8 years old. 

Much of what I taught centred around protecting our precious planet, taking care of all the animals, recognising the fact that anything is possible, embracing the truth that you can be whatever you want to be, and to question everything and form your own beliefs and opinions. I taught for over ten years.

While I was teaching, I continued studying because I love learning and I wanted to create change in the world.

I completed a Bachelor of Arts (Politics and Women’s Studies), a Master of Arts (Children’s Literature), and explored healing arts, in particular aromatherapy and energy healing.

Into Chinese Medicine

After moving to Melbourne, I decided to return to the books and embark on a completely different career. I sat with the idea that I can do anything, so what do I really want to do? And remembered that Chinese Medicine had been a game-changer for me. As well, it included psychology – something I’ve always found fascinating. I practised for a number of years… until another move resulted in another change in direction…

What impacts our health?

Moving to the inner city to practise saw my health decline alarmingly. And so, I returned to full-time studies to understand how our built environments impacted our wellbeing. I worked in this field for ten years, speaking at conferences, training students, supporting my clients in regaining their health… 

This field was heavily science-based – and I came to realise that I am a creative person, a healer and so continued studying in these areas to bring balance to my life. Chinese Astrology and Integral Sound Healing were the two big ones. 

Sound Healing 

Sound Healing then became a significant part of my work, as this was something I could do online during lockdowns. I love supporting my clients in creating change in their lives so that they could create change in the world – all with the healing frequencies of the beautiful instruments which I have the privilege of using (singing bowls, tuning forks, Shamanic drums, Native American flutes, and more).

And now including Life Coaching

I personally love life coaching, and realised that the majority of coaches that I knew (ethical, good and kind people) had all studied at Beautiful You Coaching Academy, I recognised it was time to offer this to my clientele, too. In March 2024, I graduate from this wonderful life coaching training.

What’s special about life coaching is that I get to hold my clients accountable to their best selves as they work towards the goals which they’ve set. More than that, there’s a beautiful opportunity to be held in unconditional positive regard while diving beneath the layers to reveal what is hidden and transform this.


You can check them out here.

Life’s canvas is painted with the colours of your choices.

Choose boldly and create a masterpiece.

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Lucinda Curran...

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