About Lucinda Curran

Guiding Transformative Journeys to Unlock Potential, Elevate Consciousness, and Ignite Positive Change.

Hello, I’m Lucinda Curran, and I’m here to embark on a transformative journey with you. 

My purpose is to guide individuals like you through a profound exploration of self, unlocking your boundless potential, elevating your consciousness, and igniting waves of positive change that cascade through lives and echo across the world.

Empowering Change

My life’s tapestry has been woven with threads of diverse experiences, all converging into a vibrant mosaic of tools and insights that I now offer to you. 

As a multi-passionate change-maker, I’ve embarked on unique paths, each contributing its own hue to my palette of transformation. 

These experiences form the foundation of my commitment to empower you on your own transformative journey.

Exploring the Space Between

In the realm where opposites gracefully merge, I have found my happy place. 

This is where the dance of discovery unfolds, where the uncharted territories of limitless possibilities beckon, and intentions manifest into tangible realities. 

It is here, in this delicate balance, that true transformation takes root.

Embrace Your Inner Light

My essence is that of a healer, a beacon of guidance to illuminate your path. 

Sound Healing and Whole Self Coaching are the vessels through which I channel healing frequencies and energies, illuminating your journey to embrace the radiant light that resides within you. 

These practices serve as gateways to your inner sanctum, empowering you to tap into your intuition, your inner wisdom, and the source of your transformative power.

Some Background

From a very young age, I felt the call to stir change, like a whispered melody in my heart. 

At just six years old, I found myself writing to the government, championing the cause of wildlife protection and petitioning for transformation. This early recognition of responsibility has been the compass guiding my journey, shaping my choices and my actions.

In my young adulthood, my desire to plant seeds of change led me to the realm of early childhood education. 

Later, as I stood at the crossroads of my path, psychology and Chinese medicine stood before me. I chose the latter, intrigued by its unique branch that delves into the realm of psychology. 

My pursuit of knowledge culminated in a Bachelor of Health Science, and within its corridors, an epiphany emerged: 

"The only thing you can do about the future is to make the present as wonderful as possible." - quote LucindaCurran.com

This pearl of wisdom became a cornerstone, a philosophy that now underpins my life’s work.

Navigating the Present to Shape the Future

My focus, whether through Sound Healing or Whole Self Coaching, is anchored in the present moment, where transformation takes root and blossoms into a brighter future. 

Through Sound Healing, we harness the symphony of frequencies to clear pathways and redirect energy, propelling you toward your goals. 

In the realm of Whole Self Coaching, we craft a roadmap, a journey that bridges where you stand and where you aspire to be, and I will stand by you, reflecting your inner power and inner knowing so that you can reach for the stars.

10 Fun Facts - Lucinda Curran, Empowerment Mentor

Ten Fun Facts

💫 I find my sanctuary in a realm of endless ideas and possibilities – within the enigma of the unknown, where questions outnumber answers.

💫 It is JOY, the most vital emotion, which graces every corner of my life, a daily elixir that fuels my journey.

💫 Skye Terriers, a rare and endangered breed, hold a special place in my heart, they’re unique and set their own rules. I live with 2 Skye treasures.

💫 My favourite genres are the realms of fantasy and magic realism, they are my havens, where inspiration takes flight.

💫 Embracing my uniqueness (or quirkiness), I am unburdened by conformity, free to express myself authentically.

💫 I’ve journeyed from camera-phobia to confident sharing, which reflects my dedication to embracing growth and transformation.

💫 Laughter, a cherished companion, finds its place in most moments of my life, infusing even the mundane with lightness.

💫 As a wildlife rescuer, the call to care for creatures in need tugs at my heartstrings, I feel a profound connection with the natural world.

💫 Time spent with my dogs and immersed in nature is my nourishment and salve for the soul.

💫 Gazing at clouds, finding stories etched in their ever-changing forms, remains a cherished pastime, a reminder of the beauty in impermanence.


Fuelled by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a passion for diverse perspectives, my qualifications include:

  • Master of Arts (Children’s Literature)
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine, double major: Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine)
  • Bachelor of Arts (double major: Politics & Women’s Studies)
  • Advanced Diploma of Building Biology
  • Diploma of Integral Sound Healing (Multi-Instrument)
  • Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood)
  • Certificate IVs: Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui, Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage (An Mo Tui Na), Massage, Business, Small Business Management, Training & Assessment
  • Certificates: Advanced Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology, Reiki Master, Spirale Colour Therapy

My dedication to empowering change continues to deepen as I embrace a new horizon – my ongoing training with Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy, an investment in further expanding my ability to guide and transform my dear clients on their journey, and for me to continue to grow and develop.

Books I’ve Authored

Image of book cover for Change Your Life - Lucinda Curran


Image of book cover for Conversations About the Self - Lucinda Curran


Image of Conversations About Relationships - Lucinda Curran


Image of 2015 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium - Lucinda Curran


Image of 2016 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium - Lucinda Curran


Books I’ve Contributed to

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