Embracing Diversity


Dear One,

I’ll start with a very personal share –

I’ve never felt that I “fit in.”

I’m an empathic and highly sensitive introvert, I like to observe, and I tend to see the world very differently from other people.

I’m a “bitsa.”

My family roots are in many countries – spanning primarily from the Middle East (including back to Persia), with some Moldovan, north for a touch of Polish, west for a tiny dash of UK and south for a small sprinkle of Australian. Every addition to the family enriches our mixed family.

Lucinda Curran... LucindaCurran.com

I’ve always loved this, because I feel connected to so many cultures. And, to me this means that we’re all related to some extent!

When I look at family photos, I sometimes wonder how I ended up looking like a “white sheep” – somehow I ended up with lighter hair, skin and eyes than everybody else. Which is probably where the “feeling different” all began…

I embrace differences, and the richness of cultures, viewpoints, and experiences of all lives, particularly when they are different from my own.

I value diversity.

I don’t judge a person by their body (colour, size, gender, ability, or anything else),

Instead, I see the seed of potential within…

Their soul, their intentions, their actions. I look deep within and value the soul before me.

This then becomes about seeing a person’s inner potential and meeting them where they are at on the journey.

Different paths…

Feeling different has meant that there is a strong sense of “not belonging” – that the “one size fits all” doesn’t fit me.

As a result, I have always trodden my own path – and have certainly had some more “unusual” careers. This could be seen as rebellion or going against the tide, but for me it is about honouring what feels right.

I learned early on to trust my inner knowing. To live and act without regret by always doing my best – and accepting that sometimes my best may not be up to standard, but it was my best in that moment.

My parents empowered me, by having discussions and voicing their opinions, but allowing me to make my own choices. And they’ve always been there for me – even when I’ve done something that they didn’t agree with. (Thanks, Mum and Dad!)

I believe that we all have an inner knowing – a compass that can guide us in our lives… and it is something we can all learn to listen to.

I feel that our modern lives and culture separate us from these important skills; but skills can be learned. And practice is progress.

When I was young…

The older I get, the more I see the roots of my values way back in my childhood.

When I was a youngster, I wanted to make the world a better place…

I saw all lives (no matter what the species) as equal and petitioned the Federal government on many issues, all before leaving primary school!

In my first career as an early childhood teacher (mostly 3–5-year-olds), much of what I taught centred around:

  • Protecting our precious planet
  • Taking care of all the animals
  • That anything is possible
  • You can be whatever you want to be
  • Question everything and form your own beliefs and opinions

The natural world

I value our natural world and love to spend time in nature.

I have a growing awareness that “one day” I will have the opportunity to be a wildlife carer – looking after rainbow lorikeets, magpies, and hairy-nosed wombats. For now, I rescue and transport them to get the care they need.

I regularly donate a percentage of profits from Eco Health Solutions (which trades as Lucinda Curran) to Wildlife Victoria and Bush Heritage Australia. 

Things can be tight

As well, I also know what it is like to truly struggle to make ends meet. 

It is for these reason, I created the Scholarship FundIf you feel that this is relevant for you, please apply here.

I will continue to honour and respect each individual, spreading love and acceptance in all that I do.

~ Lucinda Curran

The journey inward... LucindaCurran.com

The journey inward is the greatest adventure…

Within you lies the universe waiting to be explored.