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Embrace Your Inner Strength

May 4, 2024 | Blog

Embracing Your Inner Strength

Hey there! Today I want to explore ways to embrace your inner strength. Let’s dive in.


Have you ever felt like you’re floating downstream, carried along by the currents of life without much say in the matter? 

It’s a common feeling, one that often leaves us feeling powerless and adrift. But here’s the thing – you have more power than you realise. 

It’s time to reclaim it and step into your true strength.

With many clients that I’ve worked with over the years, there are times that they’ve felt completely overwhelmed and like life is out of their control. I’ve experienced this too. 

For my client Joe, it seemed like no matter what he did, he couldn’t catch a break, and he started to lose sight of who he truly was. When he relayed this in-session, he realised that he had been giving away his power – allowing external circumstances to dictate his happiness and sense of self-worth.

It’s Time To Stop Giving Away Your Power

Let’s start by defining it.

What does it mean to “give your power away”? 

Simply put, it’s when we allow outside influences to control how we think, feel, and act. Whether it’s seeking validation from others, comparing ourselves to unrealistic standards, or allowing fear to hold us back, giving away our power diminishes our sense of agency and autonomy.

We do this in many ways – and one of the most common ways is asking everybody for their advice. Another way is scrolling through social media and letting comparisons get the better of us. This can also see “imposter syndrome” creep in.

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There is a way out of this cycle. 

The first step is recognising when we’re falling into the trap of giving away our power. 

How? I hear you ask.

Pause and pay attention to how you feel in different situations.

  • Do you feel empowered and in control?
  • Do you feel helpless and overwhelmed? 

By tuning into our emotions and our bodies (even if it is just the flutter of a sensation from within), we can begin to identify patterns of behaviour that are holding us back.

If you aren’t sure what you are feeling, I invite you to tune into the sensations of expansion and contraction.

Here’s a quick exercise to help build this awareness –

Sit quietly. Take a few slow breaths. Place your hands on your heart to bring your attention to this area. Now bring to mind a situation or scenario. Notice if your heart feels expansive (opening, getting bigger, warm are some sensations you might feel) or is it contracting (tightening, getting smaller, making you curl over)?

Repeat this exercise with other scenarios.

The more you do it, the quicker it will  be for you to identify whether you are feeling empowered or overwhelmed.

The Power Within

My question for you is: Do you believe that you have control over the events in your life?

The extent that you feel you can shape your own life is referred to as your “locus of control” (a concept developed by Rotter in 1954).

Those with an internal locus of control believe they have the power to influence their circumstances.

While those with an external locus of control believe that external forces determine their fate.

If you believe that you have some “control” over what happens in your life, you may be more motivated to go for what you want, rather than sit back and wait to see what lands in your lap.

I see there is a blend of empowerment and courage within an internal locus of control because it requires you to reach for what you want and be proactive in your life.


So, how can we reclaim our power? 

It starts with cultivating a sense of inner calm so that we can become aware of our inner wisdom – that deep, intuitive knowing that guides us on our journey. 

Practices like sound healing and life coaching can be powerful tools for connecting with this inner wisdom, helping us tap into our innate strength and resilience.

Cultivating Your Inner Strength

Here are some practices which I’ve found particularly helpful (for myself and my clients) – what I call a “Humming Meditation” and “Aware Breaths.”

Humming Meditation

Sit quietly and soften your gaze.

Take a few deep slow breaths in and out.

Begin to hum – at whatever volume and pitch that you like. Hum for a few minutes – you could start with 2 minutes and build up to 8-10 minutes.

While you are humming, become aware of where in your body you are feeling it. Are your lips buzzing? Or perhaps you can feel it in your chest? Or your throat? Or somewhere else?

When you finish humming, sit in the quietness and notice where in your body you are feeling the remnant vibrations.

Aware Breaths 

If you are out and about, or even at work, you can snatch a few moments to breathe with awareness – I call them “Aware Breaths.”

All you need to do is just slowly inhale to a count of 4. Pause. Then slowly exhale to a count of 6. Pause. Repeat.

It is great to do this for 3+ breaths, but even one can make the world of difference. 

It is truly amazing how quickly Aware Breaths can shift how you feel.


Remember, you are the author of your own story, and you have the power to create the life you desire.

I encourage you to embrace your inner strength and reclaim your power. 

Trust your intuition, listen to your heart, and know that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. 

Shine bright and never forget the incredible power that resides within you.


In love and light,



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