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I’m so glad to see you here!

If you’re here, it means you’re looking into immersing in a Sound Healing series with me – such a beautifully courageous step, isn’t it?

Please take some time to complete your Application form – be sure to share as much detail as you can so that I can understand what you are seeking.

I’ll need this back at least 48-hours before our Discovery Call so that I can prepare thoroughly for our time together.

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Lucinda Curran...

Here’s a bit about the way I do Sound Healing…

While my title is “Integral Sound Healer” – it is the sounds that do the magic… along with you, the client.

I listen carefully to what you say and then assess your energies.

While I am guided by both my intuition and my training, I am also closely guided by you and how the sounds flow for you.

Making sudden loud sounds is not my style, and I have no intention of frightening you.

I am gentle and aim to make soothing sounds…

Although there will be time that the sounds are less pleasant, this is to help release energy.

We all benefit from a kind and respectful approach – I bring this to all of my sessions.

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If you’re feeling like we’re on the same page, then I invite you to apply…

Please take some time to complete your  Sound Healing Application form…
share as much detail as you can.

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