Building Joy In Your Life

Building Joy In Your Life

Hey there, lovely souls! Let’s talk about joy!

For me, joy is essential, more important than good health – as from my experience, it overrides everything.

Picture this…

It’s a bright, sunny day, and you’re strolling through a meadow, surrounded by the vibrant colours of blooming flowers. 

Suddenly, a warm sensation fills your chest, spreading through your body like a gentle wave. Your heart feels full and overflowing, a smile spread across your face, you can feel your eyes twinkling as they take in all the beauty around you.

That, my friends, is joy – the pure, unadulterated bliss that lights up our lives and makes every moment sparkle with possibility.

So, what exactly is joy? 

It’s more than just a fleeting emotion; it’s a state of being, a profound sense of happiness that resonates deep within us. 

Joy is more than that, it comes from deep within – your soul, your true self.

It isn’t just about external circumstances – although they can trigger your awareness of it.

Joy gloriously brings peace and contentment, guiding your heart, mind and hand in all you do.


Close your eyes for a moment and tune into your body. Can you feel it? That bubbling sense of excitement in your chest, the tingle of anticipation running down your spine – that’s joy, my friends, and it’s a feeling worth chasing.

How is it different from happiness?

Before we delve deeper into the essence of joy, let’s take a moment to distinguish it from happiness. While the words “joy” and “happiness” are often used interchangeably, they hold distinct meanings that merit exploration. 

Let’s have a look at the differences.

Joy —

  • Is a profound sense of happiness that resonates deep within us
  • Is a state of being, not just a fleeting emotion
  • Comes from deep within – from your soul, your true self
  • Is more about internal contentment and peace rather than external circumstances
  • Is often associated with a sense of fulfilment and purpose

Happiness —

  • Is generally a transient emotion based on external factors
  • Tends to be more fleeting and dependent on specific events or experiences
  • Can be influenced by external circumstances, such as achieving a goal or receiving positive feedback
  • Is often linked to pleasure, satisfaction, or gratification in the moment
  • May fluctuate depending on changes in external conditions

As you can see, while happiness may be fleeting and dependent on external circumstances, joy emerges as a steadfast companion, rooted deeply within the soul. 

Understanding this distinction allows us to embrace the full spectrum of human emotion, paving the way for a more profound sense of contentment and fulfilment in our lives.

Now, you might be wondering, why is joy so important? 

In my opinion, joy is like fuel for the soul. 

It energises us, uplifts us, and infuses every aspect of our lives with positivity. 

When we’re in a state of joy, we’re more creative, more resilient, and more open to the beauty of the world around us.

Joy can help us get through tough times, even health challenges. In fact, I attribute my recovery from my very serious health challenges to having a strong sense of joy.

It can keep us strong, centred and focused ahead, regardless of what’s happening around us.


And let’s face it, life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, is it? 

We all have our moments of darkness, times when joy seems like a distant memory.

So how do we find our way back to that place of bliss when the clouds roll in?

Firstly, it’s essential to recognise when joy is missing from our lives. 

Pay attention to how you feel – are you constantly tired, irritable, or uninspired? 

These could be signs that joy is in short supply. 

Once you’ve identified the problem, it’s time to take action.

Here are some powerful tools…

Sounds for Joy

Whether it’s through a sound healing session, chanting, or simply listening to the sounds of nature, sound has a profound impact on our emotional well-being. 

Find somewhere to lie down or sit quietly and comfortably. Close your eyes. Focus on hearing all the sounds you can hear from far away – as far as you can hear. Listen for a few minutes, then tune into what is a bit closer. Again, listen for a few minutes, then shift your awareness even closer. Keep going until you are listening to your breathing. Then take it inside you – what can you hear inside your own body?

As you bring your focus back to your surroundings, jot down the sounds that you found pleasant.

In this way, you can experiment with different sounds and vibrations until you find what resonates with you and lifts your spirits.

Practise Gratitude

Take a moment each day to reflect on the things you’re thankful for – no matter how small. 

I believe in the power of writing things down. 

And writing down what you are grateful for can also be something uplifting to read when you are feeling down in the dumps. Bonus!

Once you have written what you are grateful for, the next step is to read them one at a time, pause and feel gratitude and joy for each of them. Truly stop and feel the gratitude and notice how it spreads into joy. 

Gratitude has a magical way of shifting our perspective and opening our hearts to the abundance of joy that surrounds us.

Regularly exploring healing sounds and practising gratitude can reveal their tangible impact on our emotional state, offering actionable pathways to reignite joy in our lives.

And finally, don’t be afraid to seek support. 

Sometimes there’s a cap on what we can do by ourselves – and that is when it is great to reach out to get the support that you need, whether it’s a sound healing session, booking in for a life coaching series, getting therapy, or simply talking to a trusted friend.

Reaching out for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Remember, you don’t have to navigate this journey alone.


So, my dear friends, I invite you to embrace joy with open arms. 

Let it fill your heart, nourish your soul, and light up your world with its radiant glow. Because when we choose joy, we choose life – in all its beautiful, messy, glorious splendour.


Until next time, shine bright and keep spreading those rays of joy wherever you go!

Warmest wishes,